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November 28, 2016

Carolee and Patrick have painted and cleaned several rental properties for me. All places were painted beautifully and sparkled when finished cleaning. Pricing is extremely reasonable. Very hard working professional team. I will not hesitate to hire them for my future business and my home as well. You won't be disappointed in this dynamic duo.

Tracy Hills-McDougall


We highly recommend C & P Cleaning service to anyone looking for a thorough and professional cleaning of their home or office. We have used many cleaning services in the past and Carolee and Patrick are the best. Our home has never been cleaner!

Christine and Graham

Ingersoll, ON

November 1. 2016
We have used Carolee and Patrick to help keep up with the house work. They did a fantastic job with our home. The house was always sparkling and clean when they were finished. They pad attention to details and they were careful and meticulous. If you are looking for a cleaning service I would definitely recommend Carolee and Patrick, they are consistent, hardworking and friendly.
Joanna & Rick Miller,
Ingersoll, ON

May 26, 2015

“We have been very happy with the service we’ve received from C&P Cleaning Service over the past year - I always look forward to coming home to a sparkling, clean house after they have been here!  Carolee and Patrick are an incredibly professional team and have been very accommodating for us.  I highly recommend C&P Cleaning Service if you are looking for someone who is reliable and will do an exceptional job of cleaning your home!”

Nicole & Adrien Kirchner
Woodstock, ON

 It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for CP Service. I had decided to give my mother a different birthday present this year. I found CP Service on the internet and decided that would be the ideal gift for my mother. I made contact with Carolee via e-mail describing what it was I was looking for. We later spoke on the phone, and she agreed to take on this "surprise" gift for my mother. Closer to the time my mother was informed of the gift, Carolee called my mother to find out just what she was looking for at set a time. Carolee and Patrick arrived promtly, were very curtious and business mannered. Through their hard work that day they made my mothers birthday gift a very special one. They took care of everything on my mothers list. My mother enjoyed their service so much she has requested a quote from CP Service to help her in areas she is not capable of doing anymore.

Thank You CP Service for helping me make my mothers birthday a special one!

Sarah Renshaw
Jan 28, 2013

 CP services cleaned our house for a Birthday gift from My twin son and daughter. They were very professional, and we were very pleased with their services, and I would recommend them to anyone. Very thorough

Muriel Millson

Jan 28, 2013

Hello Carolee & Patrick,

Aaron and I just got home and were welcomed with such a clean, beautiful smell! And then we walked around and checked everything out that you had done and we were very happy. We kept discovering things you had cleaned and were just amazed! We both have such busy schedules which makes it hard for us to do a deep clean like you did and so we wanted to share what a great experience it's been coming home to a beautifully cleaned home.


Aimee & Aaron
Ingersoll, ON

January 26. 2013

Hello CP Service

Several times we have called upon CP Cleaning services to either clean or paint different rental buildings we own and have been extremely impressed with their professionalism. Carolee and Patrick are very business orientated with a strong importance for perfection. Both are not afraid to ask questions to make each job go smooth and stress free for the customer. Their personable demeanor is nicely pleasant with being said still concentrating on making the customer happy. Their prices are reasonable and within reason. With having the 33 rental buildings it is very comforting to know that we have the support and consistent perfection from Carolee and Patrick. We recommend CP Cleaning services 100%!

Rodney & Lisa Lava at Quadro Enterprises and King Street Suites, Ingersoll, Ontario

Dear Carolee and Patrick, C & P Service,

I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for C & P Cleaning Service. Carolee and Patrick make our lives so much easier! It is a wonderful experience to come home to find the house clean and inviting. They work hard to meet our family's needs, providing a wonderful service and product. They send an email the day before our scheduled cleaning as a reminder, and are very reliable. Through their dedication and care in providing our family with a clean, safe home environment, Carolee and Patrick have become a part of our extended family. I highly recommend Carolee and Patrick!

Jessica and Todd R, Woodstock, ON

Dear C & P Cleaning Service,I have been very happy with C & P

Cleaning Service, they are very professional and do a great job :)David Marissink, Woodstock ON